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About Andrew Menger-Ogle, PhD

Dr. Andrew Menger-Ogle is Research and Evaluation Associate at C H Smith & Associates, LLC. Andrew currently provides methodological and analytical expertise for program evaluations.

Speaking the Truth with Conflicting Data

The C H Smith & Associates team joined with our former client representative Dr. Susan Zelman of the Ohio Department of Education to present at the 2018 annual American Evaluation Association conference in Cleveland, Ohio on November 3.  In a … Continue reading

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Using Evidence-Based Practices in Intervention Pilots

It’s a familiar story to those involved in education or social service program delivery: a new intervention has been piloted to enhance outcomes, data have been collected to varying degrees of success, and soon the funder or sponsor will expect … Continue reading

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Data Driven: Menu Calorie Labeling and its (Missed) Opportunities

Last month I sat down for lunch at a midwestern diner chain and asked the server what items were popular. She rattled off a couple of dishes, among them a seafood platter. It sounded tasty if a bit heavy, but … Continue reading

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