This blog is sponsored by C H Smith & Associates, LLC.

At C H Smith & Associates, we make good things happen.

C H Smith & Associates, LLC provides management consulting and evaluation services for the public and non-profit sectors.  We help organizations and systems execute to their visions, understand their impact, and inform their work.

We specialize in

  • Program Assessment and Evaluation
    • Evaluation Design and Instrument Development
    • Data Collection: Surveys, Interviews, Focus Groups, Observation
    • Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
    • Technical Assistance for Data Collection
    • Reports for Practice and Public Policy
  • Strategic Planning
    • Board and Stakeholder Meeting Facilitation
    • Market Analysis for Non-Profit and Public Sector
    • Citizen Visioning for Community Development
  • Project Management
    • State Agency Policy Implementation
    • Project Coordination
  • Continuous Improvement and Organization Development
    • Mapping and Refinement of Internal Processes 
  • Grant Life-cycle Management
    • Grant Writing
    • Partnership Facilitation
    • Project Evaluation

For more information, visit www.chsmithassociates.com

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