How the North Pole Works

For the holiday season, enjoy this story explaining how Santa “makes good things happen” …

Christmas time was nearing, and Mae had been a very good girl this year. Mae discussed her Christmas wish list with her mother.

“Mommy, will Santa bring a puppy, remote control car, a tablet, and a walking doll for me this year?”

“Well, dear Mae,” says her mother.  “Santa, with his varying appearances and languages, hears every child’s request. He and his helpers do their very best to bring all the joy a child needs, although he may not bring all the toys a child wants.”

“Why can’t Santa bring me everything on my list? I have been very good this year,” wondered Mae.

“You have been a very good child, Mae.” her mother replied.  “I should explain how Santa and the North Pole work to a good and smart girl like you.”

“I want to know how the North Pole works!” said an excited Mae.

Her mother started to explain, “Santa counts on mommies, daddies, grandparents, and other kind people to give money to keep his shop running. Santa does quite a bit of fundraising to get all of the supplies and permissions to make the toys.”

“Why does Santa need permission to make toys?” asked Mae.

“The toys you see in the store were designed by people who have to give permission to Santa to make the toys they design. To recognize them for giving him permission to make the toys, he pays them,” her mother continued the story. “His handiwork, international delivery, and –most importantly, his joyous spirit are free. He needs money, however, to build toys and hire some of his contracted special helpers.”

“Mommmmy,” Mae said with doubt. “What is a contracted special helper? I have never heard about any contracted special helpers!”

“Santa can’t make puppies with his hands, and Santa can’t get all the toys made in time when the children don’t get to sit on his lap until a few weeks before Christmas.” said her mother. “His contracted helpers help get the gifts that his workshop cannot make and work with the shop to make sure everything arrives on time.”

“In fact, I am a contracted special helper,” whispered her mother. “You don’t hear about us because we like to stay behind the scenes.”

“You are one of Santa’s helpers!” said Mae in wide-eyed amazement.

“That’s right Sweetie,” said her mother proudly. “In fact, I talk with one of the elves every day in the weeks right before Christmas to make sure we create the right amount of toys that meet Santa’s quality standards and that we deliver to the warehouses on time for Christmas.”

“What are warehouses?” Mae queried.

“This is where the toys are stored across the world so that Santa can pick up the toys on his journey,” explained her mother. “His sleigh would be too heavy if he tried to carry every child’s presents all at once.”

“Mommy, can we go see the toys in the warehouses?!” asked Mae.

“Unfortunately, not,” her mother said. “You don’t want to ruin the surprise for Christmas Day!”

“Alright,” said Mae disheartened but fascinated by this new discovery. “What else can you tell me about Santa and the North Pole?”

“It is amazing,” her mother continued. “Santa heads a global team of helpers from the elves to little kids like you.”

“Little kids like me?” asked Mae. “How do I help Santa?”

“Do you remember that big bin in the store for needy kids?”

“Yes,” replied Mae.

“You can buy a toy from the money in your piggy bank to place in the bin for children whose parents can’t afford to pay Santa for toys,” explained her mother. “Those toys are sent to Santa for him to deliver with his special love.”

“I like helping other kids, Mommy,” said Mae. “I can’t wait until Christmas!”

“I know, Sweetie,” said her mother giving her a big hug. “No matter what gifts we give or receive on Christmas, we will all be together. And we have Santa and his many helpers to thank for making good things happen.”

Calista H. Smith

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Calista H. Smith , president of C H Smith & Associates, leads the firm in its work to provide data-driven management consulting and program evaluation services. . Calista specializes in strategic planning, project management, initiative implementation, process facilitation, stakeholder engagement, and program evaluation. A certified project management professional (PMP) with a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, Calista applies best practices from the for-profit and non-profit sectors to the organization's services.
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